So here is a general itinerary for everyone!!!!!! For some ideas of what to do during the day check out the New Mexico section of the blog. Everything there will be printed out in a welcome bag for you once you check into your room. There will also be a map and some surprises.

Thursday: come out to the ranch to hang out for fun times Pino Family style. As soon as you get into Zozo, check into your room, relax for a minute and head out to the ranch. There'll be plenty of food and booze for everyone.

Friday: Hang out and do what you want during the day, like visiting the sights of "Billy the Kid Country", or come out and give a helping hand at the ranch. For those in the ceremony make sure to make it out to the ranch at 6 (for a quick rehearsal). For everyone else the party at The No Scum Allowed Saloon begins at 7pm. IT WILL BE EPIC!!!!!!

Saturday: Ceremony starts at 5 at the Ranch, be there or be square! This will be one for the record books! YEAH!!!!!!

Sunday: As soon as you recover from Saturday night head on over to the ranch to help us float the keg and finish the wine. We are gonna be there all day just hanging out. There will be plenty of food all day as well so no need to rush. Also Paul Pino and the Tone Daddies, (who will be playing all night under the stars at the No Scum on Friday night as well as during the party Saturday) will be playing in Zozo from 5-7pm.

Can't wait to see all y'all
Mike and the soon to be Mrs. P

Thursday June 30
Get together at the Pino Ranch
complete with horseshoes and joke-telling contest
bonfire & beer.

Friday July 1
Welcome Party for All
at the No Scum Allowed Saloon
Featuring Paul Pino & The Tone Daddys

Saturday July 2, 2011
Get Hitched at the Pino Ranch

July 2, 2011 pm
Get yo Party on!

Sunday July 3, 2011
Southern Brunch at the Pino Ranch